When the background change, take the pill of the opposite color. Try to stay in balance.

Originally created during the 2016 Global Game Jam, Overdose is about the ritual of taking medication for chronic illnesses.

Created by Jen Allaway (game design), Jon Moormann (game design), Ozvaldo Andreaus (art), and Jesse Laing (music).

Made withUnity, IndieCade


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I really want to play this! But the Mac build doesn't work. It shows the title screen, then when I click it plays the music for the first scene but the screen remains white. I tried various resolution/quality settings, but it was the same for all. OS X 10.11.6, mid-2014 MBP.

Hey cormorancy, really sorry to hear it's not working for you right now. I'm going to look into the Mac build and try to upload a fixed version ASAP!

Great, thanks!